Who is Going to Inherit the World?

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Eight days after Betman’s last post, a traces of life are spotted at BetScorum. Finally. A Martian betting exchanges had a wider offer and more crowd…

What has happened? Did someone else stop believing in the Corona Hoax? Was there any breaking news in the meantime?


Of course, Diego! You only have to find someone who already have COVID-19 and wears a mask. Then you take off his/hers mask, put it on yourself, and breathe as deep as possible! Quite a unique experience! Almost like trying to guess a result on the game with Betman’s odds:


And now, here are some Betman’s breaking news from the future

This fake crisis allowed us to peek forward and see who is going to inherit the World. As usual, the bravest and smartest will prevail — that is an evolutionary rule. So, when this coronainsanity goes into the past, all those who were glued to their TV sets, all those who have trusted to their corporate media and governments, will extinct from the terrible disease of unforgivable stupidity. The only human island will survive on the territories of Belarus – yes, they are the only without borders blocked, quarantine and social distancing, they are playing football and ice hockey, living normal as always. Where is the excessive mortality with them? Oh, there isn’t any… Then Sweden, and Australia. Population of the corporate media consumers in the rest of the planet, will be replaced by the higher intelligence:

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