SET the LOW Taxxx End the Socialism - Make dCity Great again

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Hi Friends...

hope all are fine i have not too much experience about #dcity but i am sharing my Thoughts
yesterday me and other Dcity player ask to @trumpman for participate for

Presidential candidates

he is also in TOP 300 #dcity player current President lie to us for LOW TAXs
we need a true person to runing this Huge plate form

Why we should voted @Trumpman

His goal is Stop commies
LOW TAX also zero
End the Socialism.
all peoples have rights to earn Good sim

WhatsApp Image 20210129 at 2.33.24 PM 1.jpeg
let me to show how was TAX ratio before Dreamm comes as a president he lie to use for LOW TAXs
now yesterday night he turn off war tax before payments..

WhatsApp Image 20210129 at 2.33.24 PM.jpeg
after turn off war tax TAXs ratio is still 65.7 % let me cry alone
WhatsApp Image 20210129 at 2.33.24 PM 2.jpeg
NOW I ALSO VOTE FOR TRUM and @dalz also have experince in @dcity he also appreciated trumman

i want LOW taxs and need to buy more cards and sharing this amazing game to others but i am very dispointed to Dreamm for now
WhatsApp Image 20210129 at 2.35.42 PM.jpeg


Feel free to reblog and share your thoughts for #dcity



haha must vote

you wont laugh wen commies come for your house

I have high expectations from you ....
WEN 3rd??????

Me too

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I approve this message

End the nightmare and see if you can fix the rigged tech drops

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s as a president he lie to use for LOW TAXs

Typical commie propaganda. They promise low tax and then fuck you in the ass. There's no middle ground. It's either no tax or fuck in the ass. You decide

Dream Fuck voters Ass.
😂 Lol

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I see last days that is very popular to make a connection between the amount of taxes and the political and economic organization of society. So, in your opinion if taxes are high it is socialism and if it is low it is capitalism? Is it a bad education system or individuals?!?

It's a good vote you casted there.

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Make DCity great again!

yes Mr trump will

@trumpman is my president! Kill the taxes!

@trumpman for president!

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I delegate 100 hive to anyone who votes trumpman until I don't feel like it anymore. Currently only wasting my voting power anyway. Tag me with proof.

MDGA - Make DCity Great Again

Vote for @trumpman! If you want to avoid taxes you need the Great with a G as in Greek!

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yes yes

Low tax brings more innovation

Yes that's way we want new president

@trumpman ? that funny guy from hive? Hmmm... yeee... yes it is okay.. yee