The Sunday Night Sports Nerd Show - Officially On dSound!

in DSound6 months ago

It took a few tweaks....

And we had to kick it a few times.....

But we're BACK!

And as @Dsound is 100% on HIVE so are the Sports Nerds!

VERY Excited to get our first show out on dSound app!

Now I just need to figure out how to shut the 'shields down' for dSound on my Brave Browser lol

Hope you guys enjoy the rants and the only sports show...With barely any sports!!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Can wait to see sports return back

Agreed....Nice to get our minds off this madness in the world for a bit.

Great to see Sports Nerds 100% on Hive. Now lets hope we gets some of the sports back to playing so you can have a real sports show again. lol

ya man. we’re hoping for it for sure.

If I pay attention, indeed at this time the sports post is a little unlike Dul, right, not many people make sports post

We hope we can add a little humor into everyone's lives :)

not much of a sport guy but I really enjoyed this podcast