All Splinterlands cards are worth more than 200 kk $ Hive gain over 50% value!

in Splinterlands2 months ago

Just look at this juicy screen from peakmonsters market.


DEC, HIVE, SPT and more tokens gain more value all, because Splinterlands are sucesfull. Airdrop for 365 days with daily snapshot is the best thing I ever saw in crypto. It's 1 year airdrop it's really op! Everyone can eat part of this cake for sure!

Of course hive get benefit from this hype for Splinterlands as a blockchain where Splinterlands making transactions! We get so many big ammounts of transaction per day, because people playing this game, people trading cards, they rent cards, they spent dec.This is really simple!

Now we will see, if hive blockchain is prepared for that bunch of transactions. I know that blockchain is free to use and have really fast transactions, now we can use his true potential! I hope so that nodes will be all right and we will have great time playing game and sharing our post and epic battles!

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