My Silver II season end rewards!

in Splinterlands2 months ago

Welcome Guys!

This time no jackpot in the boxes, but this day I can confirm with my daily quest as a good day!

Bez tytułu.png

Start was good first box and rare card for 0.69$ nice number by the way :D


Then I got some DEC, not that many like at the morning from the quest, but still not bad.

And the last part of rewards!


Nothing special couple DEC tokens and shitty potions and a card for 20 cents, but it's ok.


Pfff nothing special... Better luck next time
I will open boxes soon, i try make one blog first on leofinance i get free 15 tokens for dont know what XD

hehe maybe you had other token, which was able for airdrop xd
i dont know in past i had a lot tokens but i forget with one and where... You know any where can get some money?

Nope, I only hold altcoins and play from time to time on binance futures.

How to play

register with my reff link:

buy starter pack for 10$ and you will get basic cards for play, for every win you get decs and you have to do 1 per day daily quest with boxes :)

@tipu curate

Dobre i to😀

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