I just "maxed out" a card for the first time in my life

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I've been around the Splinterlands scene for quite a while and in that time, I;ve upgraded my deck regularly. During that time, I've strived to get my deck up to a level where I can compete favourably and getting Qid Yuff to level 8 was just what I needed.

I decided to make Qid my main summoner in Fire splinter for mainly economic reasons. My previous summoner was Pyre that boosted speed and this one gives all my monsters armour piercing, so picking between either is up in the air.

If I were to choose though, I think Pyre has more battle usefulness but that's only because I like speed. In other situations when speed isn't useful, Qid will be more important. At the end of the day, context always takes eminence in splinterlands.

Anyway, after investing a decent amount of money into this card, I've come out with a maxed out card. At this period when prices of everything is skyrocketing, it's pretty amazing that I spent only $220 to get this card to where it is right now.

Now that this summoner has been maxed out, I'm going to focus my attention on fire splinter. The obvious goal will be to max out as many cards as possible, I'll focus on reward cards because they're cheaper and more accessible and then work my way up from there.


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Maxing out a summoner is not an easy one considering the high price each of those will have.
I am trying to level up the Earth Splinter summoner of Mylor Crowling as that is something against which, I am losing most of my battles and seems to be a good investment on it.

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