Is that a bird, or cat? Nope, it's the badass Dark Ha'on


Not going to lie, I only used this monster because I wanted to share it in this battle. However, after using it for this battle, I feel like I didn't actually give the monster much of a chance.

For what it's worth, I barely use it because it's a level 1 monster. After using it for this battle, I'm considering putting in some money to get it to a higher level.

Link to battle

Zero Expectations

I actually didn't think I'd win this match and only picked this team so I could feature Dark Ha'on. However, when I saw the summoner my opponent used in a reverse speed battle, I started feeling confident.

My cause was also aided by the fact that my opponent's monsters weren't too advanced. However, I reckon that even if they mosters were upgraded, they'd have more powerful hits but increased speed that once again, favours my team.

Watch the birdie

The star of the occasion turned out to be THE star of the occasion. The Cat-bird hybrid was a bit too slippery for my opponent and their boosted ranged attacks were evaded.

I've been frustrated by this monster on a couple of occasions, so I know how my opponent must have been feeling when all those attacks were missing my birdie. If it weren't for the reverse speed ruleset, I might not have stood a chance in this battle.

Generally speaking, whenever you pick your team for a battle, you have to consider the rules of the battle. Regardless of how awesome your deck is, you can still lose the battle if you don't consider the battle rules.

The Summoner was perfect

Another interesting part of this battle is my choice of summoner. Either this one or Mimosa Nightshade would reduce ranged attack, and them two are my only viable death summoners.


I went with Contessa because I put Mimosa out for lease and she did her job quite nicely against my opponent. Contessa countered the ranged boost, then my opponent shot their own foot with boosting speed and then got a health boost as well.

The Plague


The other aspect of my team that was pivotal to victory was having the Grim Reaper on hand to drop that plague ability. I feel like plague ability is something that people don't leverage enough in battles but it can be very helpful.

In death splinter where virtually everything offers negative effect to the opponent, you really have to include a plague monster. More so because healers in death splinter are few and far, so you have to level the playing field.

Winning feels good

The price of DEC is soaring, so every win really feels like a win. It was a well-fought battle that I'm glad I won.

Dark Ha'On was effective and it combined nicely with the team to achieve victory.


Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Half bird, I can't see his beak hahaha but his wings are so beautiful, I love this little dark cat.