Splinterlands Season Rewards and More

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As some of you might know I'm heavy in the gaming space as one of the primary methods to brining people on board to hive. The gaming industry has a huge amount of wealth in it and one popular game could very well pump Hive to all new highs. Just look at what happened to Alienworlds when that caught some attention.

I invested a few thousand in this game early on but opted out of the investment proposal as it wasn't something I wanted to take on at the time. I'm happy to see the game continues to thrive and more so than ever I'll be investing a good bit of time and money into it again as we start getting closer to land unlocking in the game.

I'll only be making these posts per season or when some new epic feature gets released in the game.

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Rewards Cards For Season Ending

10 Regular cards
1 Rare card
11 Legendary Potions
5 Alchemy Potions
1 Untamed Booster pack (results of that opening below)
819 DEC





Untamed Pack Opening



Primary goal at the moment is to max out the Untamed Deck. Depending on how long that takes I might move back into land and start investing in there again. I've also been trying to sell a few cards within the DEC marketplace but also wax.