Participation in Monday Madness Tournament - (Live Stream @clove71 + Awards)

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Hello everybody, How are you?

Yesterday I participated in Splinterlands Monday Madness Novice League Tournament Live Streamed @clove71

126954864_368644260887661_6345874348908958416_n 1.jpg

With a total of 89 players battling, and with initial battles of best of 3, I managed to pass the first stage despite little experience. Failing to move on to the next ones. Completing the Tournament in 30th position and winning 150 DEC.

But it doesn’t end there, as reported, @ clove71 was broadcasting the Tournament live and I went to participate even though I didn’t understand the language perfectly because I was a native of Brazil.

With the help of @viniciotricolor I was able to understand how it works and when I see between battles, mini-games are made to give away prizes to those who are on LIVE.

That night I was very lucky, I won 2 mini games and with the sum of points at the end I won the LIVE mini games tournament.

Capas Videos.jpg

Ending the night with the 150 DEC won in the Splinter Tournament + 2 Rare Cards (HAUNTED SPIRIT / QID YUFF) won on LIVE.

I appreciate the opportunity to interact and participate in these tournaments, and I hope it keeps happening.

Let's go on this adventure together?
Enter the Game Here: Site Oficial do Splinterlands
Community Splinterland Brazil: Splinterland Brasil


\O/ foi um dia divertido e de sorte. parabéns

Literalmente uma Loucura de Segunda-feira kkkk é noix, tmj!

Great post! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands! Don't forget the SPT hashtag- you will receive it on hive-engine - or

Thanks for the opportunity and sorry for the misunderstanding of the language at times. I'm here to add the Splinterland community. And I come with many Brazilians excited about the game. Hug!

Congrats on the wins.

@tipu curate

Thanks! I loved seeing you here, always come back hehehehe s2

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