Splinterlands Notable Daily Battle #20 – Hard Opponent

in Splinterlands11 months ago
It is always very difficult to beat this guildmate.
I knew I would need a huge amount of hit points to contain your snipers, absorbing so many arrows, so I decided on two cards with this objective: Cornealus + Gelatinous Cube!

Battle Link: @dosh versus @smk200

And this Prismatic Energy as a Tank may seem strange, but it was for fear that my opponent would use the Water splint and then I would need a double Magic Reflect in the first two positions (for that, maybe a Unicorn Mustang would be more suitable but I don't have this MAX LVL).



You were so fortunate to go first in round 8. That was a toss of the coin right there.
Triple snipe is vicious. Also, I need to get myself a cornealus.

Yeah! Cornealus is a card that cannot be missed! Thankfully, sometimes luck falls on my side, as I almost always lose to this opponent. Thanks for the comment.

(1) Congratulations - it's nice to win by prediction.

(2) If this is what this game comes down to at Max level it urgently needs Land and potion crafting to shake it up - it's so dull - pick the best summoner, max out all your cards, two tanks and four times snipe.

It's not exactly creative is it!

Thank you! For the time being I still don't get bored playing, there are always many different strategic possibilities to use, but this thing of land and new items, can be very interesting to create even more complexity. A hug.