Claiming An Untamed Quest. Playing Splinterlands

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Hello Everyone.

How are you all?

I hope that you all are well by the grace of Allah.

In my todays post I'm going to explain of me opening an untamed booster pack. I got this pack in a daily quest. There was 5 untamed cards in that booster pack. And in my today's post I'm going to talk about this amazing cards that I got.
Screenshot (181).png

I'm posting this to join the weekly curation contest of social media challenge arranged by @splinterlands. To join this contest, you'll need to create a post about @splinterlands and post it on hive blockchain. After posting it in hive blockchain you'll need to share it also in on any social media. After that you'll need to comment both of your hive link and social media link in the comment section of their announcement post of this contest. I'm also giving the link of their announcement post of this contest bellow.

Link To Contest

Screenshot (182).png

Screenshot (183).png

The most amazing thing about this pack is all of them are on the list of my favorite monsters of splinterlands. And I don't care about the price, I got those which I needed.
Screenshot (184).png
I guess that you liked both my post and battle. See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay sound. Also if you are not on splinterlands, than you can use my refer link to join.

My Refer Link To Splinterlands:

Thanks For Reading My Post.


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice rewards and it's nice to know that you're happy with what you got.
I'm advising you to show a little more effort on your post for a bigger reward.