Sabre Shark. Hidden Death of The Sea.

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Hello Everyone.

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I hope that you all are well by the grace of Allah.

In my todays post I'm going to explain one of my battles of splinterlands. I've played this match using a water monster named SABRE SHARK. The SABRE SHARK is a common water monster with the ability of sneak attack. It is a ALPHA/BETA card which costs only three(3) mana to use in battles.


Sabre Shark.png

I'm posting this to join the weekly curation contest of SHARE YOUR BATTLE challenge arranged by @splinterlands. To join this contest, you'll need to create a post about @splinterlands and post it on hive blockchain. After posting it in hive blockchain you'll need to share it also in on any social media. After that you'll need to comment both of your hive link and social media link in the comment section of their announcement post of this contest. I'm also giving the link of their announcement post of this contest bellow.

Link To Contest

My Battle

Screenshot (228).png

My Lineup


*This battle was a taking sides battle. Which means I will not be able to use any neutral monsters in this battle. Also I got only 21 mana cap to use in this battle. So, I had to plan brilliantly to submit cards and make a perfect strategy. I used The Spineback Turtle in front because of it's life level, shield and also it costs only 4 mana cap I also used The Crustacean King to heal it. My strategy was, The Turtle will hold the front attacks while my other monsters will finish the enemy monsters. Then I used The Ice Pixie in second position. Because of it's flying ability it'll be able to dodge some attacks. Then I used the theme card of this battle, The Sabre Shark. This card is really awesome. It costs only 3 mana cap to use it in battles also it has a amazing ability like as sneak ability. After that I used The Sea Genie because of it's strong magic attacking ability and flying ability. And in the end I used The Crustacean King because of it's Tank Ability.

My Strategy

Screenshot (230).png

My strategy was to hold the attacks with tank heal and finish the enemy. Looks like it worked succesfully.

@splinterlands has asked about me using the card often in battles. Yes, I use it often in my battles. And it is very useful in low mana battles.

That's all for today.

I guess that you liked both my post and battle. See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay sound. Also if you are not on splinterlands, than you can use my refer link to join.

My Refer Link To Splinterlands:

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Hi, I didn't find the battle link, don't forget to include it so I can comment about the fight. Thanks.

opps....sorry about that.. I totally missed it.
But, it's been 3 days and I play a lot of matches daily.
And now I can't find it from my battle log.
But as far as I remember, I putted it in my post

Screenshot (237).png
Thank god.
Found it from the draft.