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Hello Everyone.

How are you all?

Today, I'm back again with my splinterlands battle explanation post. In these posts, I talk about any of my battles of splinterlands by following some rules.
Because by posting them I'm also joining a contest arranged by @splinterlands. So, I have to follow the rules of contests. I'll tell you about it below.

This post is to join the weekly curation contest of share your battle challenge arranged by the splinterlands team. To join this contest, you'll need to create a post about splinterlands by following the rules that are given in the announcement post of this week's contest. Because it's a weekly contest they make some changes every week. After creating the post, you'll need to post it on hive blockchain and share it on any social media and put both of your social media and hive post link in the comment section of their announcement post. You can share your battle and share the details of it or you can discuss things about this game to create your content. I'm also giving the link to the contest in case if you are also interested to participate in this contest.

Link To Contest:


In this week's announcement post, they told to create a post about discussing a battle that you played using a splinterlands monster named STONESPLITTER ORC.


Stonesplitter Orc.png

The STONESPLITTER ORC is a RARE Earth Monster with melee attacking ability. This card costs 6 mana cap and has the ability of 3 melee damage ability including an ability named retaliate. Which is pretty amazing and makes this card much strong defender.

Stats of This Monster:

Screenshot (529).png

Well, let's talk about battle now.
I know it's better to share a battle that I won perfectly. But, I'm trying since this week's contest started. But, it's too hard when I don't have the cards I usually use to play. If you've read my previous post, you should know that I sold most of my cards for some reason and now winning matches are a rare thing for me.

I know @splinterlands has asked to share the details of my battle such as lineup, strategy, and the succession of my strategy.
Because I couldn't win any of the matches, that's why now I'm sharing my latest battles with you. I'm sharing only these three because they all are similar in some way. The lineup, strategy. It'll be easy to explain all of them together. I'm giving my battle link and screenshot so that you can easily see my battles and lineups. You'll be able to get the lineups from there and the strategy for all of them was, my front cards including the STONESPLITTER ORC with retaliating ability will hold the attacks of the enemy monsters while my cards with reach and sneak ability will take down the enemies. I also put strong cards, in the end, to protect my cards from sneak attacks. But none of that worked out to make me a winner. But, I do have to admit that the STONESPLITTER ORC was doing pretty well in every match. But I think it didn't have enough backup support. @splinterlands also asked that if I had used this card often and if I had they also told me to tell the reason. Well, after selling my cards I don't use the earth summoner a lot. But, sometimes I use it in some circumstances. But, I mostly used STONESPLITTER ORC in battles of MELEE MAYHEM & SUPER SNEAK rulesets. I think the next battle will be a win for me.

Now, I'd like you to enjoy the battles. Though I didn't win any of the battles, I think you're gonna enjoy them and my cards also put on a good fight.


Battle Link:


Screenshot (525).png

Screenshot (520).png

Screenshot (521).png


Battle Link:


Screenshot (522).png

Screenshot (523).png

Screenshot (524).png


Battle Link:


Screenshot (526).png

Screenshot (527).png

Screenshot (528).png

I'll try better next time. Although I hope you liked it. If you do like it or not, please tell me in the comment section. I'm totally open to suggestions.

See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay safe. Also thanks for your valuable time that you used to read my post.


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