Amazing Battles #15 – The Peakrider is still strong!

in Splinterlands2 months ago

Dear friends, Splinter fans like me, the best blockchain game!


A few days ago someone sent an image showing the Peakrider being sold for $500!

I commented that now with the presence of Chanseus the Great and even Lorna Shine, I used this summoner on far fewer occasions and that it seemed crazy to pay so much on it.


However, he has impressive stats mainly fighting against Yodin Zaku, besides when there is no healing in the rule, Chanseus becomes less useful.

Soon after I played a fierce and exciting battle with him, that's why I wanted to remove what I said and show it to you...

Click on the image to watch the fight:

At one point I was sure I was going to lose, but...

I must also give credit to all the other cards on my Life team, with emphasis on the Angel and the Assassin in the finalization, which was essential in this electrifying victory!


My only regret is that I didn't buy it, at a time, when The Peakrider gold foil was only costing $75 BCX. It's an amazing card!

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You are smart. I do love ur battle strategies. You always beat my account ts-ghost 😏

So is it you? I don't always win, you are also very smart! Thanks for commenting. This battle made my heart beat faster.

Yes it's me. Congrats on the win. Well done and thx for the compliment.

Getting to know this card changed my game completely! After renting it I could break to silver III! And I just learned about it after reading your post. So thank you for sharing!

Nice! Glad it was useful!

I always regret why I have not start playing it from starting..
Game is awesome and addicted too..
Love the game..
Thanks for sharing the battle ...
Keep battling

@guurry123 I didn't get in too early either, and it may be that it's still the beginning now. We are two we love. Thank you! Kisses.

I am so happy that I finally maxed my Peakrider just in time before its price went totally bonkers. Great to see that he actually can do pretty well in certain matches, even against Yodin.

@monster-curator, Yes! Sometimes it doesn't work, but it is a great option, also very good against Rennyn.

cool! thought you where gunna lose also

Yeah! this game is sometimes surprising, I often say: I lost! and I press the skip button, but I see that I won. And on the contrary too.