Contest – Centaur LVL 8 Delegation #3

in hive-13323 •  last month  (edited)
As always at the beginning of the season, I bring several draws of a delegation of high level cards, this time a Centaur LVL 8!

The winner will be able to use this Sniper Neutral with high speed and +3 arrow damage until the end of the current season of Splinterlands


To participate, You just need to comment about this card (Centaur) and name a friend that you believe would be grateful to use this card.

In approximately 48 hours I will determine the winner by lottery and the card will be made available by the game's Lease tool.

If you do not need this card, make it clear in your comment and then I will delegate it to your friend.

Please do only 1 comment. It is not necessary to upvote, share, or follow me, but it will be appreciated and will help me to increase the prizes.

I hope the winner enjoys this card!

Good luck to everyone!

Image: @splinterlands.


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I generally don't use this card as I have better cards with higher damage. At a higher level this card is definitely useful. 3 damage snipe will be awesome to play. Though I don't have high enough summoner to use it.

Cool,@blog-beginner, I really love this card! Thank you very much for commenting.

I will tag @sayee.

Though I also lack higher level of this card but I rarely use "snipe" attack tactics.

Thanks dear. I love this guy and always use him.

Hi, @r1s2g3, sometimes I put 4 snipers on the same team! It might work. Thank you and good luck

Hey thanks and I would like to tag @backpackingmonk and @badfinger
I use him but he is at lower level. Planning to level up slowly

Cool, @sayee,I love this card, thanks and good luck

Thanks and I would like to tag @lenonmc21 I know you'd like that!

welcome @cieliss, thank you and good luck!