Contest – Lord Arianthus LVL 4 Delegation #6

in hive-13323 •  2 months ago  (edited)
Welcome! Today another lease contest. I will offer as a reward the delegation of a Lord Arianthus LVL 4 card, until the end of the current Splinterlands season...


To participate, just comment about this card (Lord Arianthus) and quote a friend that you believe would be happy to use this card.

In approximately 48 hours I will determine the winner by lottery and the card will be made available through the game's Lease tool, until the end of the current season.

Please, only 1 comment. It is not necessary to upvote, share, or follow me, but it will be appreciated and will help me to increase the prizes.

I hope the winner enjoys this card which I am sure is very useful.

Good luck!

Image: @splinterlands.

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  ·  last month (edited)

He's a head in a jar ffs. One horrible bastard that knows how to get the job done. When he has spikes on his body, he's very annoying to fight against. I suggest @lordbutterfly for the award

haha, great description, @belemo Thank you and good luck!

The Lord always beckons me
but you see, I cannot afford to let him come to me

Username - sayee
I would be happy if @badfinger and @backpackingmonk also try him out

welcome @sayee, thank you and good luck!

Lord Arianthus is very impressive card for top leagues. But I don't have any chances to get it for free :( I registered 10 days ago, when Lord was printed out.

@threejay do you have this great card?

Yes @vabadaba, it's great. When I started playing I was lucky enough to receive some! Good luck in the draw

  ·  last month (edited)

I'm a newbie in the game and never fought against him. I just checked the stats in Splinterlands and it looks good !!

Sure my friend @ariesnomu would be happy to play with this card

PD: Thanks for the contest!!

Welcome, @rubillo15, thanks for participating, in the lower leagues he appears less because he is not so strong at levels 1 and 2. Good luck!

Last season I received delegated a LA lv3 and for the first time since I play I reached Champion I league!! Coincidences?? :) :)

@madgold does not need it, he plays with only gold cards! I definitely need it :)

@madgol, wonderful! I wish you luck again

still way the ugliest card ever! :)

not sure who could use one sry

it is very strange too, @michealb, where is his body?

Reminds me of futurama head in jars! Great Card and great show

Thanks, for commenting, @columtoconnor to participate, please name a friend

Ahh, I missed that and don't really know anyone else playing splinterlands... yet!


i won this contest before and it was quite helpfull so ima try to win it again. maybe @tharkun92 would like to use it too?

Nice, @dogcatcowpig, good luck again

Always a card that could decide a battle above any other!

@kitkatkatie could do with this card more then any other friend of mine. I truly hope she will get it and wish her luck!


@vraba Thank you for participating and good luck!

This guy is very hard to beat and is just a head in a jar... imagine him with a body.

I'm sure @rubillo15 will love to have one of this.

Thanks for this.

haha, it's true! @ariesnomu. Thank you and good luck!