Free Legendary Delegation Festival!

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Hi folks, lots of news, SPS Air Drop, DEC, and card prices sky high, and after a short break, the tournaments are back.

Free Legendary Delegation Festival

I come today to invite all players up to Bronze League to participate in the "Free Legendary Delegation Festival" for just a 3 DEC fee, which will start on August 5th.

The tournament will offer a bit of DEC as a reward in addition to a free delegation of several great legendary cards for 30 days.

For the top six, some of these:



And also for 8 other winners, the already traditional Flesh Golem Alpha in gold foil:

aFlesh Golem_lv4_gold.png

Be sure to participate! I wish you all good battles and luck!

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Join the fun now: Sign up here.

Images: @splinterlands




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Thanks a lot

if i get right one participate is not 3 dec its 1000 dec or i wrong

Hi @bokica80! Welcome! 3 DEC for Bronze League or lower, if you are in Silver League, you will go back to Bronze tomorrow when Season resets, then you will only pay 3 DEC fee.:D

aha i got it

Great! I hope to be able to when the time comes.


Looking to join this tomorrow. This will definitely help new players!

Nice @zygrush! Welcome

Yay I want to join this. Thanks for sponsoring this tourney. How long is the delegation?

@cryptoph0823 Cool! 30 days minimum but can be extended a little longer. :)

This is awesome. I really need to start running my own tournaments.

Wow! Very nice Idea @shaidon. That would be beautiful, you too can join me. :)



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Thank you for this tournament. I will subscribe and challenge fellow players in the arena. I hope that I can still enter the tournament.

Nice @oadissin! Thanks!

Very nice initative to excite new players!

this seems cool

Yay I want to join this. Thanks for sponsoring this tourney. How long is the delegation?