How much $ can I earn by playing Splinterlands? #02

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Welcome Splinter maniacs!

The other day I made a post on this topic saying how difficult I find it to answer this question objectively and answered in general lines, but without pointing out any practical parameters to determine real financial values.


Since then, some suggestions have been given to me, and a friend, @felipejoys, made a post in Portuguese where he explains that you can get an ROI of 10% a month on average by playing ranked battles.

According to his logic, based on the premise that you already know the game and can win approximately 50% of the battles played, then for example:

  1. Spend $100 to build a deck to play in the Silver League.

  2. Play 20 battles a day.

  3. Win an average of 50% of battles = 10 battles

  4. Earn an average of 130 DEC per day. (Since each battle won in the Silver League gives you an average of 10 to 17 DEC)

  5. Complete daily quests and go as far as possible to get season chests, totaling an average of 70 chests in 1 month.



In 1 month you will have received almost 4.000 DEC just for winning ranked battles, which is equivalent to about 4 dollars, add the DEC and the cards of these 70 chests, and as long as you are not extremely unlucky, you will get at least another 5 dollars, maybe more if you are lucky to find any card most valuable.

This means that by investing 100 dollars you will get an average of 10 dollars a month, that is, a 10% return on investment.

This without counting possible additional winnings if you play tournaments.

This study was done based on the Silver League, but in the Gold League, this ROI may probably be even higher, due to the greater amount of chests that will be opened.


These are approximate values, which can change, and take into account the current moment, but I believe it is a very realistic perspective and shows clearly how it is possible to have a good profit starting with a low investment value and without spending a lot of time.

This also refers only to playing ranked battles, excepting other possibilities that can further increase your income, such as the tournaments I have already mentioned, rewards from brawl fights, card trading, participation in sweepstakes and contests, and creating content about the game.

I hope this post will help you take another step in answering this question of how much you can earn by playing Splinterlands and that there is no doubt that it is a great investment and what is even better: with fun! A lot of fun!

Images: PixBay, @splinterlands & Research Source: Quanto você pode ganhar jogando Splinterlands? Pelo menos 10% ao mês by @felipejoys

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It's an excellent way to think about it. Anyone who understands compound interest will be keen to re-invest that $10 straight back in. It'll be a $200 deck, making $20 a month before you know it.

Yeah! it will not be so sure as savings interest, but there is no doubt that it is a good deal. :)

It's realistic for sure, and probably not the most optimistic at all! I did a similar research a few months back and my ROI was way higher. I think it's basically impossible not to profit from the game AND have fun doing it if you're a dedicated player.

you're right, eventually luck helps and you find an epic or legendary card, some gold foil, and this increases ROI.

Exactly. And even without those, decent ROI is warranted.

I would say your ROI drops as your go into Gold 2 or higher as you need to have better leveled cards in order to win. Best ROI imo would be to get a silver level splinter in gold to get the DEC bonus % of up to 50%. It may be a higher up front cost, but those cards shouldn't drop in value and could be resold if needed.

Yes, i heard that ROI decreases in higher leagues, but i'm not sure, i need to do a new study. For me, one of the advantages of playing in higher leagues is that the prize money in tournaments is much better.

I have no idea how much money I have invested over the last 3 years but I am able to rank as high as diamond .
Even without looking into it I totally agree that you could make a lot of interest from the game.
If you are like me and reinvest in the game then it is easy to build a great deck.
It was great to see someone’s view on this .
Thanks for posting,
Have a great day!

Hi @mickvir

Yes, until today I have always reinvested everything that I won in the game by buying more cards, I consider the cards I have as a working tool, so I don’t look at their price.

I know I have a good profit, but I never calculated exactly how much and what the ROI.

However, people who start playing always ask me this:

How much $ can I win?

And since I don't know how to answer this question clearly, I am doing this investigation.

Glad my post was interesting, and thanks for commenting,


Love these little info posts!
It's cool to see exactly how earning can work.

Also, thank you so much for helping curate SL posts! You're the best!

@carrieallen Cool, I'm happy to please! I’m going to go deeper into this in a new post soon. Thank you for the compliment and for giving me these opportunities. Kisses.