My new project to help new players: Creating tournaments!

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There are a lot of new players coming in, and many of them don't have $ to invest, they buy the spellbook for 10 dollars and then get frustrated when they receive only 0.01 DEC per victory, and a single chest in the Daily Quest, often containing only one potion.


This situation leads many to give up because the prospect of growing in the game without investing too much is too slow.

Thinking of a solution, I had recommended that they play Novice tournaments UNTAMED KOBOLD MINING EXPEDITION to use the DEC prizes to buy more cards and thus gradually acquire more power and a wider collection.


It turns out that the number of these tournaments is very small, and to make matters worse, the prizes have recently been reduced from 4400 DEC to the top 4, to just 1000 DEC, making the task even more difficult.


With that in mind, I decided to give a hand and start sponsoring some tournaments along these lines.

I am a tournament addicted player, and with my gold foil card account, I have won almost 3 million and 300 thousand DEC just in tournament prizes.

So, I can take a small part of this profit, and invest in this project, which I have sure can make many beginners happy.

This Saturday will be the first in this series of tournaments, in which I invested 13600 DEC out of my pocket to reward players. It's this one:


Besides this initiative, I presented my idea to many enthusiastic players on Discord channels, and to my surprise, a large number of them offered to help me, generously donating DEC, packs, SPT tokens, and delegations of numerous great cards.

I have already collected 50000 DEC for the next ones that will have very good prizes!

About these upcoming editions, the awards, the sponsors that I would like to thank with all my heart, and how you can help if you want, I will be speaking in my next post.

Now I would like to call on all new players to participate and stay tuned for these events that that will start weekly during the weekends.

I hope these events are a haven for beginning players to have a chance to be rewarded, and with this, they can grow sustainably by purchasing new cards for their collections!

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Join the fun now: Sign up here.

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Wonderful idea!

Hope so! Thanks

I love this initiative Mary Emily! Very very good job of putting it together and working with the whole community to do it! You will grow the game with that attitude and you are blazing a path for others to follow!!! Awesome :)

Thanks, and thank you for all your support, alone I could never make it.

Great idea! The more we can offer to new players the more the game economy will be sustainable.

True, so we can all grow together.

I've been championing bronze but I'm considering doing novice to help beginners even more! Upvoted!

Thanks. Nice! I love bronze and I think about doing some bronze tournaments too.

my teacher is perfect

Hi! Don't overdo it, but thanks. :D

Amazing. Because of people like you Bitcoin have growing ao much. That is what make a community stronger. I am impressed. I seeing future in splinterlands now. Congratulations.

Thanks, I also see a lot of future in this game

Very good initiative to help new players like me, these tournaments will serve not only to gain experience, but also to obtain rewards in addition to the current tournaments. Thanks to @marianaemilia and @davemccoy for their help!

Thank you, and thank you for your effort to improve, you will soon be one of the best!

It won't work. IF you create any meaningful amount, the players that played for years with champion level decks will come to farm your tournament with their multiple accounts.

I wrote about it here, how the game doesn't let you limit the rating or who can join your game. You're only allowed to let EVERYONE play, therefore these 'noobs' you wish to help will just lose to long time players.

The 'novice' league is just a joke. The company hasn't created the game so you can help anyone except the most experienced players. THey will all join. 50000 dec prize is juicy for them.

Won't it be great to see players with 500,000 power card collections and 3000+ ratings winning your touraments? That will be such an accomplishment. Thanks for donating to the top players!

Yeah. I understand your point at view. I had seen the same issues in Axie Infinity game. Make a good economic ecosystem in a game is a huge problem. I think we all are learning togheter in this new movement. The solution in my point of view is not only restriction politics but it is necessary to find an equation where that 1% see more health in contribute with the ecosystem than take vantage of it above others. While the developments team don't understand how to find nash equilibrium in your games. It is going to repeat several times. What @marianaemilia did contribute too much with the commmunity and growing of the game but it is necessary that 1% who control the game see that kind of iniciative is more profitable than not doing it. Only the game team development can do the necessaey changes for now. It is left over wait and believe for us. But without ephoria and with two feets on the ground.

awesome answer and I completely agree. I think you nailed every point perfectly!

I'm glad to see you have it all figured out @lifesavings. I guess time will tell if your wealth of knowledge regarding her plan and the new changes enacted (plus of course your crystal ball) is correct. I'm willing to bet you won't be making this same statement in 6 months, but of course neither of us will know until she tries. Let's see!

LMAFO what's there to see? She creates a tourament it doesn't limit who she can let in. players with 4000 rating points can join.

They will be using the 'same cards' doesn't mean they are 'NOVICE'

The whole game is setup to farm people doing exactly what she's doing. She is donating to top players period. Nothing built into the game that stops them from joining. Have fun giving your 50000 DEC to player with 1,000,000 collection value decks.

4000 rating points? really? hmmm lets see in a few days ;)

I like your mindset to protect the little guys, but you're pretty sure that you have everything figured out. If you should be wrong here, then you might want to realize that things do change.

ps... there are things that are definitely built in the game that stops them from joining, but you'll see soon enough if you pay attention! ;)

You're very condescending. You want to bet? Really are you serious about that? I have 20+ years gaming and programming exp myself. Bots are allowed in this game. Enough said. They will totally ruin it with the grace of game makers. They are working to build up as we speak. Every day that goes by, it gets worse.

I only found her post here, because I saw it after posting my warning about bots:

Have fun 6 months from now in your botfarm game winning all the ladders and entering all ur touraments once they're refined LOL.

Failed game im sorry you're wasting your time here. At least im helping people by warning them. SO, bet? How much?

I'm condescending? omgosh... did you read your reply to her post? Please look in the mirror.

Sure I'll bet , definitely would be happy to take your money. Hit me up on discord and we'll arrange for something that doesn't hurt more than your ego! @davemccoy#2479

And before you contact me, please be aware that there are things that change. So while you have a limited experience and think you've figured it all out, I'm giving you fair notice that there have been changes and your conclusions may want to be adjusted.

Whether the game succeeds (or not) is dependent on many factors. I'm not going to trash your own post, because what you think is of course your own opinion. The only reason I addressed your negative condescension towards her efforts is you were out of line with a bad set of facts. Its one thing to be negative, but being negative with a limited set of information and not knowing the facts on SOMEONE ELSE's post is something I couldn't let stand. And on top of that the ironic thing is she is trying to solve the problem you are bitter about. Who knows, if you have a clear mind and willing to see things in a balanced fashion, maybe you will even rethink your thesis and join the game again! I will be happy to delegate you cards if you choose to go that route too! I'm sure with your 20+ years of gaming experience you could do really well!!! :)

In this first one, I made this mistake, and players from all leagues can participate, but in the next one, I will set up so that players from higher Leagues need to pay a very high fee to participate.

Okay, they can create a Novice account to play, but the prizes for each tournament are limited to 1000 DEC for the top 4, so not everyone will have all this work to earn a value that I believe is not very high for them. What do you think?

Muito legal sua iniciativa. Espero que seja um sucesso!

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Obrigado, você anda sumido do jogo? Aparece lá no Discord! beijinhos. :)

Bem, do jogo não rsrs... o engraçado é que não jogo muito torneios... jogo mais no as batalhas no celular e acho que vou tentar entrar nos próximos torneios que estão sendo organizado por vocês.

Discord não uso muito, mas prometo aparecer um pouco lá. Bjos :)

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@coyotelation, fique atento que estes torneios são Only Untamed Novice League No Legendaries, significa que só pode usas cartas de nivel 1 Untamed, e somente as comuns, raras e épicas, se vc tem a conta antiga somente com Beta cards pode ser que vc não tenha cartas suficientes para os torneios, mas elas são baratas e fáceis de adquirir, no próximo post eu vou explicar isto em detalhes.

Ok, obrigado!

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Great initiative, Mary Emily!

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Thanks a lot!

if they did the power to be a < to enter tourny rather than a > it would limit the amount of high ranking accounts playing in novice tournies I would think

Hi! In this one I made a mistake, but I already created another one, and in the new one, Silver League accounts and higher need to pay 1000 DEC to join :)

Incredible person and player, thanks for always helping us.

This is a great idea.

I have been encouraging new players to join and the feed back I get is like you said if they just buy the spell book they find it hard to get anywhere and a lot just give up.
This is in stark contrast to those that spend a little money on the game and get some packs. To help them battle. These people tend to enjoy the game and stick around.

Also I have encouraged new players to play tournaments. But the feed back I have gotten from players starting out is that they struggle to win battles. I feel this is a mixture of not having enough cards and experience or card knowledge.

I am now live-streaming games on theta as often as I can to both onboard new players and help new players gain knowledge.
I also know that @clove71 live streams On twitch and @kennethbosak on YouTube. These are both worth watching to gain knowledge and win cards or packs.

It would be great if Splinterlands could also give the option of novice starter pack tournaments. In these tournaments you can only use the cards you get from the starter pack/ spell book . This would give new players the best chance at scoring some DEC.

I wish you all the best with your tournaments and hope that our new upcoming Splinterlands players will benefit from this.

Have a great day!

Sweet! I'm new to the game and will look forward to join this! :)