My Tournament Report - Donate to help newcomers!

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So far since the beginning of the project, 12 Splinterlands tournaments have been created, and real success!


We could see that very few bots have participated, so the goal of helping human players is being achieved efficiently.

I just created 2 more Novice League tournaments with good prizes for new players, if you are in the Bronze league, or play in the Silver League and fell to Bronze at the end of the Season be sure to participate, as the fees are smooth (only 3 DEC) for Bronze League.

Day 4 of this month:

Tank Awards Festival 1


We have already had some tournaments offering summoners as a prize and now we are doing the first one that offers some tanks!

Day 11 of this month:

SPT Awards Festival 3


The third tournament offers SPT as prizes!

An interesting aspect is that I started creating tournaments adding Beta cards, and right after that, the game's developer team seems to have listened to me and introduced an update that included all the common and rare Beta cards in the starter card set, those available free to play when purchasing the Spellbook.

Tournaments don't allow legendary cards, but epic yes, so to be more competitive, you can try to rent or buy the epic Untamed, Alpha, or Beta cards.

For this I recommend these sites:




At PeakMonsters you can rent large quantities of cards for a few cents and this can be the most efficient way to get started




The MonsterMarket has the advantage of giving you a DEC cashback of 3% to 5% of everything you spend.

Here for those who want to further analyze the project, a list of the latest tournaments:

Summoners Awards Festival 1

SPT + Free Gold Foil Delegation Festival

Summoners Awards Festival 2

SPT Tokens Festival

Summoners Awards Festival 3

Win Cards + Free Gold Foil Delegation!

Finally, I would like to point out that anyone who wants to help by donating any amount in DEC, SPT, cards, packs, etc. please, contact me on Discord: marianaemilia#7527

Any help will be most welcome!

Special thanks to everyone who has donated so far to this project (if I forgot any name, sorry), you are amazing! Without you, this would not be possible.

@carrieallen, @kiokizz, @hapablap, @simplymike, @abcor, @jrvacation, @mattclarke, @unitqm, @davemccoy, @warrentrx, @byzantinist, @tanzofett, @masshole, @michealb and @twinner!

Thank you very much!

Good luck to everyone on the battlefield!

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Images: @brunup, @peakmonsters, @monstermarket and @splinterlands



As a fairly newcomer (still in Bronze), I wanted to say thank you for putting these tournaments together.


You're welcome, I'm happy to help. Thank you. Good luck in the battles!

You are doing great and helping the community in such wonderful ways! Great job Mary Emily! And thank you :)

Thanks. You know I got inspired by you! Congratulations on being so amazing!

Keep up the great work! I think your tournaments help the newbies a lot.

Many thanks for your support.

This is awesome! I already registered and can't wait to start!
Thank you for all your patience and hard work in helping newcomers like me!
Keep up the good work and shine on!

Thanks for the compliments, you are very kind. And you're welcome, I love helping. :)