Splinterlands Basic Strategies – Introduction – The Tank #01

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Today I am bringing the first in a series of posts about basic strategy concepts to help those who are starting to play Splinterlands.


Let's start from the point where the player is already aware of the difference between summoners and monsters and that the summoner level has the privilege of determining the level of monsters that may or may not enter the battle arena.

In other words, there is no point in having high-level cards, if your summoners do not have enough power to summon them. Repeating: the level of your summoner determines the level of the monsters that can be added to your team.

To see what levels of creatures you can summon, go to your summoner's card, select the stats tab, and take a look, for example:


Drake of Arnak is a rare dragon summoner from the Untamed edition, in the first column, you see the level of the summoner, in the second how many cards you need to combine to reach each level and subsequent columns show which levels of monsters he can summon at each level of yourself.

The ball at the top of each column shows the rarity of the monsters, white for common, blue: rare, purple: epic and yellow: legendary.

If you have a level 4 legendary monster card (MAX LVL), realize that you can only summon it at maximum strength if your Drake of Arnak summoner is at level 7, etc.

Another important point that I would like to remember before we start and that we must not forget is that on the battlefield the cards with the highest speed, attack first.

speed.png magic-attack.png ranged-attack.png melee-attack.png

If the speed of two monsters is identical, then the type of attack is used to define: first spell, then ranged, and finally melee. If the attack types are the same, a random order will be chosen.

In addition to this random element that can occur to decide which card strikes before, many abilities (for example; Stun, Retaliate, Dodge, Affliction, etc.) also have a percentage chance of being effective, and this further increases this aspect of luck.

I want to make this clear, as it means that no matter how good your strategy is, it will not always work perfectly due to these random factors, but that using a logical plan in choosing the cards will still put many more chances on your side to win.


Well, now let's get down to business! The first topic that we must address is certainly the Tank.

The Tank is the card that is placed in the first position. The front line of a battle. Normally a strong melee attack card, with high health and capable of inflicting great damage to the enemy.

It is very important because it is the bastion of your army, the longer it endures the better, and when it is eliminated many times our position simply collapses leading us to defeat.

There are many types of Tanks, fast, with great armor, that are capable of regenerating, and even those that have no attack, but other desirable abilities such as Thorns and Magic Reflect.


Today we will talk about the most basic, which is the Tank with Shield. For those just starting, this is an important aspect to take into account.

Many low-level cards have damage of only + 1, which means that when facing a Tank with Shield, it simply won't be able to inflict damage. This detail can mean the difference between defeat and victory.

ability_shield.png Shield ability:
Reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks.

Choose a tank with Shield and try to avoid as much as possible using cards with only +1 damage if it is assumed that the opposing Tank will have Shield.

In this example played by me in the Untamed Kobold Mining Expedition – Novice League tournament, we can see how the Goblin Fireballer's arrow twice did not affect the Living Lava that has Shield:

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @gjiro

In the next article, we will talk about the Tanks with Healing, which are also very important in basic strategies.

Leave your comment, with criticisms, doubts, suggestions, and saying if this article was useful. See you later.

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Very good post!!! very useful for beginners!

Glad you like, @stefano.massari. Thanks!

Mary Emily! This is great!
I LOVE that you repeat important things.
And I love the size of this article.

@carrieallen Thank you, how great you liked it! One day you gave me the tip to not be in a hurry and write the posts little by little. This helped me to focus on more quality and more complete content, and it was the best decision I made.

lovely explanation for the ones just starting.super sweet!

@karinxxl, Thank you so much I am very happy to contribute to the new players and I hope to help them achieve better results.

Thank you so much.
I am a beginner, I have been playing for the second month, I understand a lot from practice, but I still don’t understand much, many nuances.
It's great if you guide the entire transcript on cards and abilities.
I will read all your posts on this topic.
Do not give up this wonderful undertaking.

@lannabeiker, thank you, I'm happy to help. I will not give up, sometimes it can take a while to get the next article out because I want to do a good job and this requires time, the next one must be coming out of the oven today.

I've been blogging for many years and I know very well how long it takes to make a good post with pictures and all my thoughts.
A quality post - it takes a lot of time.
Therefore, many want to tell something, or are going to, but there is always not enough time.
Therefore, a special thank you for finding this time.

A very helpful article, especially about Summoner levels. Because I just wanted to ask in the Telegram group how summoners level up.
And you explained everything so simply.

@lannabeiker. Thanks, good that it was simple, I was in doubt if I was writing in a confusing way.

Yes, your post is very good and easy for understanding. Thank you!

Being a new player, I appreciate you taking the time to spell all of this out. From playing for a few weeks, I am aware of some of what you posted, but other parts of it were new to me. I can see how someone with zero experience would learn a lot from having access to this information. I would suggest you compile a master "Basic Training" post that give an introduction to the game and includes links to all of these tutorials you are creating.

Hello @theroad2freedom. I'm very happy to be helping and being helpful. When I started I was lost and some people helped me by explaining things, so now is the time to give back. See you soon and thank you.