Splinterlands Challenge of the Week – Scale Doctor

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The Splinterlands Challenge of the Week features Scale Doctor, from the Untamed edition, a legendary and very interesting card of the Dragon splint!


That although it has only + 1 ranged attack, it has excellent and essential abilities to help your team win:

ability_strengthen.png Strengthen:

All friendly Monsters have increased Health.

ability_triage.png Triage:

Heals the friendly back-line Monster that has taken the most damage.

ability_rust.png Rust:

Reduces the Armor of all enemy Monsters.

ability_repair.png Repair:

Restores some armor to the friendly Monster whose armor has taken the most damage.


The Battle

  • Mana: 34

  • Rulesets: Heavy Hitters: All Monsters have the Knock Out ability. + Odd Ones Out: Only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.

img_combat-rule_heavy_hitters.png img_combat-rule_odd_ones_out.png

In this battle in a Silver league tournament, I faced the legendary new Water summoner: Lir Deepswimmer who provides Return Fire to all the monsters on his team.

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @tj70903


Selenia Sky

One of my favorite summoners and it combines very well with this ruleset because the Dragon splint has many legendary monsters with an odd amount of mana.


Lord Arianthus

A great tank that becomes much stronger in the Silver league by acquiring the important ability Reflect Magic.

Gold Dragon

With Heal, he can try to survive in the second position for a longer time by healing himself from possible sniper attacks, as well as having a powerful magical attack with Blast!

Scale Doctor

Here in the Silver league he only has two of his wonderful abilities, but one of the most important ones: Triage, which is thanks to her that I was able to win this battle as we will see.

One of the advantages of using the Doctor in conjunction with Selenia Sky is that he becomes more effective offensively since his arrow damage is increased by + 1.

Lightning Dragon

Another strong card to be used with Selenia, and with the advantage of having the Stun ability the most suitable for the Odd Ones Out ruleset.

Spirit of the Forest

In the last position, another immensely strong card, which, although he does not yet have the important Protect ability that he acquires only in the Gold league, is very fast and can heal the tank.

Does my strategy work?

It seemed like an arduous mission for my archers, but notice how the Scale Doctor's Triage allowed my monsters to survive the Return Fire storm, no doubt it was thanks to him that I was able to emerge victoriously.

Our hero also helped to regenerate my Spirit of the Forest against the enemy Sabre Shark's attacks.

In compensation due to the absence of Triage for the opponent, his Magi Sphinx did not resist long, being eliminated by the Reflect Magic of my Lord Arianthus.

The Essential Scale Doctor


A very instructive battle about the Scale Doctor and the Triage ability.

I like using this card and I try to use it whenever possible, at the maximum level it also eliminates enemies' armor and can even repair our armor.

Still, in my opinion, Triage is your most essential skill, the key to protecting us from Reflect Magic, Return Fire, Opportunity, Snipers, and Sneakers giving our monsters a chance to recover and survive for the next rounds.

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @tj70903

Images: @splinterlands
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Nice gold deck. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

A whole team with only GFL?
That's insane and awesome.
Who'd have the gut to fight this team?
Fantastic lineup.
Keep on battling.

Hi, I love gold foil cards and invested a lot in them, and yes I will never stop fighting. Thank you @ashikstd