Splinterlands Challenge of the Week – War Chaang!

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The Splinterlands Challenge of the Week features War Chaang, from the Untamed edition, a rare and interesting card that has 2 different types of attack: Melee and Ranged.


I rarely participate in this challenge, as I don't always find a great awesome battle to share, but this time I have an amazing performance from War Chaang! Hope you like it...


The Battle

  • Mana: 32
  • Rulesets: Unprotected: Monsters do not have any armor and do not get armor from Abilities or Summoner Buffs. + Up Close & Personal: Only Monsters with Melee attack may be used in battles.

It works well in battles with a lot of mana and the rulesets are great for him, there is no armor, this helps cards with a ranged attack.

Only cards of pure beating, cards of magic attack, and arrows are prohibited, but not him since he is a dual attack.

I always try to use it in this type of fight, in addition to that, it has the Retaliate ability which gives it additional protection against Sneak attacks and Opportunity.

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @maryncryptoland


Plado Emberstorm – One of the best for this style of a fight: It is very fast, and in the absence of armor it has one more advantage against for example Life summoners who normally have natural armor.


  1. Exploding Dwarf – The Dwarf is very fast and he intends to attack first of all with an explosive and devastating blow.

  2. HydraExploding Dwarf is almost always eliminated early as it has only 1 hit point, so Hydra is the real tank, a very powerful legendary card with Thorns and Heal.

  3. Giant RocRoc is very standard in this type of strategy, it is also fast, it has Reach ability to attack from the second position, in addition to the Trample ability that gives it an additional blow when it kills the enemy.

  4. Serpentine Spy – A fast and powerful card with Opportunity, great for this fight

  5. War Chaang – In the last position to shoot for more time besides being able to end the fight with melee blows.

Does my strategy work?

Yes! I believe that my task was made easier for 2 reasons: I am using a legendary summoner while my opponent is not, besides that I believe that my opponent is a bot (a computer program) and did not choose cards and their order very well on the battlefield, even so, I believe the fight was very interesting and difficult and draws attention to the spectacular finish of our hero of the day. See the fight again!

The War Chaang:

I believe that the battle speaks for itself and shows how important he was for the victory. His arrows at the beginning and his ability to attack and retaliate at the end were critical.

I consider it a wonderful card and in battles with only melee attack I always try to use it.

I loved this battle and I hope you enjoyed it too!

Images: @splinterlands



Elephant power! Thank you for your Battle Challenge post.




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Well, the monsters that used... they're so awesome.
Fantastic lineup.
Keep battling.

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