Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #06

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Today's battle was quite balanced and exciting, in a close fight between Earth and Water.

The Target Practice rule (all ranged and magic attack have Snipe) is very interesting and both sides made good choices.

Battle Link: @marianaemilia vs @uwelang

Normally in this type of combat Lord Arianthus is chosen for the second position to absorb arrows and reflect magic, but we are also in the Taking Sides rule, without neutral creatures!

Therefore, one should think carefully about choosing the card for this position.

I chose Failed Summoner which has a generous amount of hit points and can Reflect Magic.

My opponent came with the Mermaid Healer who can heal herself with Triage and maybe survive for some time.


Blast cards are very effective and devastating in this type of fight as they inflict damage on 3 enemy monsters with each attack, and my opponent wisely chose the powerful Ruler of the Seas and also the Pirate Archer.

My advantage, in my view, is more speed since I have 2 cards that influence this aspect, Brownie and Swamp Thing, in addition to that my archers are also faster.

Wood Nymph's choice was also not bad, I assumed that without the Lord's presence she would have a better chance of surviving.


My Brownie in the first position was able to evade the first attack of the menacing Naga Warrior, who narrowly failed to finish my last cards and win.

In my opinion, this was a very instructive and exciting fight, battles like this make me realize how interesting and wonderful this game is!

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Tough battle vs a strong monsterlady - great post

Thanks, @uwelang! You are also a great player!

I like the Naga warrior there. I'll often use her or Stonesplitter Orc up front in Target Practice as they're likely to get clipped by some magic blast and Enraged.
Kraken would be another good option.
Triple magic reflect is also dangerous. Rusty Android, Lord Arianthus, Prismatic Energy. (Replace Rusty or Prismatic with any other reflector.)

@mattclarke Yeah! Now we have Cornealus that heals, has magic reflect and return fire, or if possible add a Triage card for those who know how to recover the life of your card with magic reflect and it would be perfect.