Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #07

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Today's battle: Water against Water, was also extremely exciting and balanced!

Realize that we are in the Even Stevens rule and therefore it is not possible to use Lord Arianthus famous for his ability to reflect magic.

Battle Link: @marianaemilia vs @wer-gewinnt

Here I would like to highlight the importance of the Prismatic Energy card when fighting between Magic teams, presenting strong damage from Magic Attack, and mainly because of its Reflect Magic ability.

In this fight rule, the Water deck cannot also use the Healing cards (except for the Sea Monster that consumes a large amount of mana).

It is usually possible to choose the deck of Earth, and then we would have a typical fight between healing (Flesh Golen, Wood Nymph, Khmer Princess) against devastating magical power (Ruler of the Seas, etc.) which can generate interesting battles, perhaps a theme of another post.


At this point, Prismatic Energy reaches the first position and although he cannot survive long against all the opponent's offense, he will be able, with magical reflection, to take all the enemy's magic cards with him to the tomb.

In the end, a little fatigue strife, and the Naga Windmaster took the lead over the Pirate Archer.

This wonderful Naga archer, also helped a lot with Poison, accelerating the elimination of opponent cards, and reducing (with Headwinds) the attack of the dangerous Pirate Archer to only +1.


Almost every day I experience an incredible battle like this, to share with you and try to explain a little about the strategies of this fascinating game!

Write here about what you thought of this fight, give your opinion about the tactic used and your comment may receive upvotes from me and several friends.

Until the next amazing battle.

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