Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #08

in hive-13323 •  3 months ago 
In today's battle, I come to show a combination of 2 cards that have a great synergy between them, this is the Goblin Sorcerer + Screenching Vulture from the Earth deck.

Battle: @marianaemilia vs @monstermother

Recurrently the Goblin Sorcerer weakens the last card of the enemy position and then Vulture comes to finish by eliminating the opponent, which is very effective.

This could also work with another Opportunity card (Ex: Fiendish Harpy or Parasitic Growth), it turns out that Vulture besides having the Scavenger ability, is a rather fast card with 5 speed and only 3 mana to spend!

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Images: @splinterlands

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Interesting.... why the Brownie in first spot, I would have swapped him with the Failed Summoner...

Were you anticipating more melee attacks?

Hi, well, in fact the Failed Summoner in this position can be with the idea of absorbing damage from enemy Snipers, and instead of Brownie, the Cocatrice is more common in the first position, but there was not enough mana. :D

I love playing the Cocatrice as a tank!

Screenching Volture is a Card that I like.