Splinterlands investment #03 – Playing Tournaments

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There are many ways to profit in Splinterlands, in the last post we talked about DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) and ranked battles which are the simplest and most direct way to earn money by playing.


We mentioned several options such as Daily Quests, Seasonal Rewards, Card Trading, Card Rental, Contests and Challenges, Content Creation on the HIVE blog, etc.

Today I want to explain about Tournaments, which, in my opinion, is the most profitable way of all for any skilled player and is what I intend to demonstrate in this post.

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

While playing ranked games you need to win a lot of battles to be able to accumulate say 1.000 DEC, and in daily quests, you need to be very lucky to find a valuable card inside a loot chest, already in tournaments, you can get daily prizes very more substantial.

Every day 3 or 4 tournaments officially sponsored by Splinterlands start and offer a large amount of DEC as prizes. To participate in tournaments use the link: "Events"


There are several types of tournaments. Currently, the vast majority of them are the so-called “Any Time” that came to facilitate so that a greater number of people could participate since it is not necessary to be online during the entire course of the event.

Some tournaments accept all card editions but others do not, some only accept ALPHA cards, others only UNTAMED and we have the "Golden Rule" (only gold foil cards) which are usually the ones that pay the biggest prizes. To know all the details of a specific tournament see the "Details" section:

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (1).png

An important aspect is a league to which the tournament belongs. It means for example that if the tournament is in the Silver League, the monsters summoned in battles will have this limit:

Common: Level 5, Rare: Level 4, Epic: Level 3, and Legendary: Level 2.

This implies that in this tournament, this will be the maximum possible level for the monsters cards and even if you have summoners capable of summoning up higher-level cards and higher level cards, they will only work within this limit.

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (2).png

Each league has its specifications and consequently a different strategic style of play, to find out the invocation limits for each league go to the “Leagues” section, choose a league and see "Summoner Level Limits" at the bottom of the pop-up:

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (3).jpg

This feature of tournaments separated by leagues provides a huge opportunity for players who do not have very expensive card collections, as they can compete on equal terms against a much larger number of opponents.

Take, for example, the Novice League tournament: The top 4 players win 2.200 DEC:

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (4).png

Soon players who have not yet invested in cards, but only have level 1 cards, have real chances of getting the prize as long as they have good skills as a player.

From this, we can conclude that playing tournaments are the most efficient way for a good player to obtain relevant gains that allow him to grow to start with a small initial investment of just 1 spellbook.

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (5).png

Gradually he could use these prizes to buy a few more cards on the market and meet the requirements for the Bonze League whose prizes are already bigger, and so on, growing sustainably, acquiring more and more cards, continually increasing the power of his collection, and consequently being able to participate in tournaments with increasing prizes.

It doesn't seem like much, but by playing tournaments consistently you can accumulate a large amount of DEC, in this bronze tournament I managed with my 2 accounts the first 2 places which gives a total of 6400 DEC.

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (6).png

In this post by @jacekw, you can follow weekly the evolution of the biggest DEC winners in tournaments of each league and the complete list of the greatest champions of all time.

So if you are not an established tournament player like me who wakes up every morning to play and participate in all of them, I hope this post has convinced you to start today.

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (7).png

Get ready, good luck, and good prizes! See you in the arena...

Special thanks to @yonilkar for creating the image design for this post.

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I hope that tournaments get more exciting over time but the financial aspect is already really amazing. My player got 80k DEC in one week with my cards. Now I would like to see how smaller players can have a good time with tournaments, without bots ruining the day.

Nice! @monster-curator, 80 DEC in a week is awesome. Although the DEC paid in tournament prizes is only about 15% of the total amount of rewards given in the game, for individual players who specialize in competing in tournaments, they are certainly the main source of income in the game, I believe that over 80% of all my profit comes from them.

Great post! Your content is very helpfull. I'd like to point one thing that is awsome in my opinion how the Splinterlands's Community is different from other games and how respectful they are, I'm saying that because I've been playing MTG for so long and many times I saw women not having due respect. It's easy to find infos about some girls who gave up playing due to a toxic community. So congratz for your playing skills and thanks for your contribution to the game community!

Hi @suprememagus. Welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting. You are right, the community here is wonderful. Glad that the content is useful for you, I'm happy ,. I always played chess, I like to try to understand the strategies behind the battles, and in the next posts I intend to write about the most basic aspects for those who are starting to play. See you later.

This is another great post, Mary Emily!

Ya know, tournaments stress me out 😂 but I do agree they are a perfect place to earn a little more... I mean, if you're good enough. 😉 I just... I'm not. 😂


@carrieallen, I think it is more a matter of persistence and insistence, I often do badly too, but I play almost all them (except alpha) and I am very stubborn. Kisses and thank you.