Splinterlands Small Daily Battle Tips! – #01 – Speed versus Healing

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Starting a new series of publications today with quick battle tips!

I would like to demonstrate something that I have mentioned several times in old posts: How agility can easily beat enemies much stronger and more robust although slow.

To complement the already extremely elusive Cocatrice, I added these 2 very important cards in this fighting style that also influence this aspect: Creeping Ooze and Silvershield Bard:

Battle: @marianaemilia vs @kakakk

Watch as Flesh Golem hits the void over and over again with no chance of hitting his fast opponent, and since even facing enemies with Heal ability, my attackers gradually undermine them until they are eliminated.


In battles with only 12 mana cap, one of the most usual strategies today is to use the legendary card Kron the Undying he can win alone, but here we are in the ruleset: Rise of Commons which invalidates this plan.

With the new Battering Ram card of only 2 mana, this was even more efficient, since previously the presence of the Elven Cutthroat (3 mana) was required.

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Images: @splinterlands


Ah yes, slow them down, speed you up and then heal! Boom.