The Splinterlands History – Old cards, new life... #1

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Today I want to talk about the cards that became stronger or more weak because of updates, introducing new cards and introducing new rulesets, etc.


The most direct way is when certain cards are directly modified by an update, having their stats changed, receiving new abilities, or having some ability suppressed.

When a card is created too powerful, an update is sometimes necessary to decrease some of this power, they are called "Nerfed" cards.


It has happened on countless occasions, for example, Prince Rennyn originally had + 2 health, which made the splint of Earth (which also has many monsters with Heal ability), practically unbeatable.

Just like the Sacred Unicorn that started with 10 health since level 1, and this amount was reduced, currently reaching 10 hit points only at the maximum level.


And the most recent cases, the promotional summoner Prince Julian had his -1 Health for enemies removed.


We also had the issue of Redemption. Some cards had the ability Redemption suppressed, like Fire Spitter and Gremelin Blaster, and even cards that currently still have Redemption had their power reduced when this ability has its damage reduced from - 2 to -1 health.

However, sometimes the opposite is true, and certain cards are directly improved through an update.


The most classic example is the ability Reach that did not exist and was created to bring new life to several cards that were much less useful before: Grumpy Dwarf, Minotaur Warrior, Giant Roc, Silvershield Warrior, and Spineback Wolf.

Reach was able to hit the enemy tank during combat from the second position.

At the beginning of the game, many adjustments were made for a better balance between the cards in the mechanics of battles, and dozens of monsters had stats and abilities changed both for better and for worse.


Just to give a few more examples:

Spirit of the Forest already had the ability Dodge, which was suppressed which made it practically impossible to be hit. Cyclops, on the other hand, gained the Shield ability it did not originally have. Medusa and Mischievous Mermaid (reduce health, at lower levels). Silvershield Knight and Silvershield Paladin (Increase Health and decrease Melee attack). Lord of Darkness (Increased health), Goblin Sorcerer (increase the speed). Swamp Thing (adjust health). Enchanted Pixie (adjust speed and other stats), etc.

In the next article of this series, we will talk about cards that have become stronger or weaker due to the introduction of new cards that, with their presence, have somehow affected the possibilities and capabilities of those.

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Sacred unicorn is still a very powerful tank, I love it when he turns the game around with a trample attack.

You're right! it's still very strong! And it's cute.

You must be from day 1 or early days.
When I joined "Reach" was existing ability.

When the game was released I just collected the cards, but when I started playing, Reach it already existed, I had to research this.

Nice research, I now remember "trample" is also changed. When trample released very first time, You get one more trample shot if your trample shot kills the opponent.
I guess it changed when they saw Silver Shield Paladin killed the whole opponent team by trampling.

I love this post! I have not experienced the early eras of SPLINTERLANDS.

thanks, i love it too

Great content as always, keep it up! =)

Thank you! :D