Dear, Splinterlandlands gaming lovers.....I share a card with you

Dear friends,

How are you? Hope everybody is well and try to stay well. I am sharing with you the card I claimed two days ago.

  • I get a reward-box after completing 5 Quest. I get a card after opening the reward box. Receiving the card, I am glad
  • I am even happier when I open the reward box with Fire Quest and Life Quest.

I like to play with Life and fire Quest now. I used to love playing with Fire Quest. Now I play mostly with Fire and Life Quest. Because if I play with two Quest, the chances of winning are higher.





I think those who play splinterlands games are very intelligent and clever. Those who are intelligent can play this game because the player is winning the match by combining different cards. And these players show fun games and achieve different types.

So Splinterlands is a game from which you can make money.

Thanks to those who are supporting. See you later in a post.

Thanks for reading my post

Stay well, stay healthy, stay safe.

God bless you