Share Weekly Battle Challenge - GARGOYA SCRAPPER !! The Game of Splinterlands

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Welcome Everyone To My ‍Share Weekly Battle Challenge - The Card of GARGOYA SCRAPPER.

SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! GARGOYA SCRAPPER Ready to participate & everybody enjoy now.

I'm glad to be able to post the weekly card challenge. because this is the first weekly challenging post since the splinterlands game was updated. day by day I get to know about each card and learn about the card. I've been playing splinterlands games for four years. as far as I know about splinterlands games, i could not achieve that in four years. many rules have changed since the game was updated. the best of these are reward box correction by earning focus points and reward box correction based on playing end of the season reward games.

weekly challenge.jpg

The card with which the challenge has been given is included in the card Life Element.
Opinions on the card -

  • Angry to see the card
  • The body of the card is very strong
  • The two wings of the card can be seen
  • There are two horns on the head
  • The face of the card looks horrible
  • I don't understand what is meant by the eyes of the card.
  • Looks like the card is going to attack someone.
  • All in all, the card looks like a giant.

and you can comment on what you think.

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Untitled design.gif


I have collected this picture from the challenging post. Because I could be wrong when I write. Everyone writes posts. I have tried to do something a little different.

  • GARGOYA SCRAPPER This card is the Ranged Attack Card of life Element. I didn't understand much about playing battle with this card. Cards can attack when in the first row. Level 1 card has a current market value of $0.04 you want to purchase the cards for a total of 39.879 DEC for $0.04

mana - 1 - level

1.png Melee Attack - 1

speed.pngspeed - 2

health.pnghealth - 2

Untitled design (10).png

I have never had a GARGOYA SCRAPPER card before. So I had to buy a card to play Battle. I have tried to explain it to you by showing it through the picture below.

I have no card


I bought a card


Finally I have the card


I have received very little as a reward for making battle videos with this card. I win by playing many battles. As a result, I got less focus points. I was able to open a total of 3 reward boxes.

After opening 3 reward boxes, I got 2 cards. Which I like a lot.


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