Who has played such a situation?

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How are you?
I hope you are all well. I wish everyone well in this moment of disaster.
I play the splinterlands game all the time. Occasionally some gameplay appears in front of me, which I am surprised to see. Today I presented a picture of your society.

How many of you have seen such a picture. Hopefully, let me know in the comments.

dream post.JPG

I get thousands of such pictures. I can't upload funny pictures because of the busyness of time. Still I will try to upload. You will upload funny pictures like this. Mention your good friends who will support you.

____Stay well, stay healthy, stay safe.

Pray to the great Rabbul Alamin for recovery from the epidemic Corona virus and ask for forgiveness.

All will be well


But you must aware also about the speed of the card..

That's right