Hurray: GOT MY First Big 8100 DEC Reward and Untamed pack going to invest in buying land

in Splinterlands3 months ago

Hi Splinterland

These days everyone is looking to grab some DEC and invested to get some cheap land, I was also waiting for that long time as I thought maybe DEC Price will come little dip and I could able to buy that but that didn't happen and Now It is almost at pegged Value.

But luckily I got a quest reward and it was 8100 DEC so which I planned to invest in buy a plot as a welcome opportunity. Not even that I also got pack as well Which I opened not so good but not a bad opening.



collectbattle trade.gif

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Congrats for the great rewards. Keep playing and the legendary gold foil will come as well (or its DEC equivalent)



I hope and wish if Gold foil open, I will buy more land plots.

Thank you for your curation work!