Why investing in splinterlands and SMTs is thousands time better then dogecoin and Shiba inu or others useless meme coins

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Splinterlands is very well designed and structured game cards playing platform if you don't play y it you don't understand it, but if you starts playing splinterlands you definitely love it and become addicted to play splinterlands, all splinterlands users who are playing splinterlands already well understand what I am trying to explain

@Splinterlands is started on steem blockchain it's previous name is steemmonsters, after the hard fork and split of steem chain due to Justin sun unethical and forcefully take over of steem and steemit, devolpers and community of steemmonster decided to support new hive blockchain which they think is truly decentralized and original version of steem, that's why they migrated to hive and rebranded from steemmonsters to Splinterlands

Splinterlands is getting popular day by day because nobody will stop playing it when he understands and starts playing splinterlands, it's the beauty of splinterlands ecosystem and game structure, there are many economical benefits attached to playing splinterlands, #play2earn concept is getting popular users love to get rewards in cryptocurrency while playing there favorite games, splinterlands currently number one game which rewards its users with smt smart media tokens in different ways

Currently splinterlands offers three cryptocurrency tokens (smart media tokens) first is in game currency cald dark energy cristyls #Dec, which you can earn by playing and winning battles against other splinterlands players, another is recently offered by splinterlands and its Trending on available cryptocurrency markets that is #sps token which is governance token of splinterlands ecosystem ,sps airdroped to Splinterlands users daily within one year, you can also stake sps to earn more sps tokens, in game rewards also coming soon, the third tokens is #spt which you can earnd on splintertalk.io, a blogging platform offered by splinterlands where users can post content related to Splinterlands

I think investing in splinterlands ecosystem or other smart media tokens offers by different tribes and platforms build on #hive blockchain, is better investment then investing in useless meme coins with unlimited supply, for example dogecoin and Shiba inu or other same coins, all top smt tokens on hive blockchain have more market value than the dogecoin and Shiba inu and have limited supply

that's why investing in splinterlands and hive blockchain basd tokens which have unique use cases is hundreds time better then all these pump and dumps useless coins

Remember this not a financial advice do your own research research about hive blockchain and it's decentralized ecosystem before investing you can get more information at Hive.io ,
leopedia.io splinterlands.com


I´m not joking, but #dCity deserves a shoutout here also since we are counting. that is a list of things that are better than above mentioned Dogecoin etc...

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