Juju, J.J., Jadeveon? Can the Titans manage to sign the Triple J's?

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The Titans have got an interesting off-season on their hands. If there was ever an off-season for GM Jon Robinson to pull something slick and get the Titans to the next level, this would be the off-season. I believe that the Titans are primed to add some legit extra talent.

The Titans have a SERIOUS anchor with running back Derrick Henry and a LEGIT receiver in A.J. Brown. The Titans have a good QB in Ryan Tannehill. The offensive line is pretty solid, especially when healthy.

The Titans have got a lot of promise, and with the right moves this team could quickly become elite.

The Titans solid number two receiver Corey Davis unfortunately seems to be on his way out, but I could be wrong. It does appear to be leaning towards his departure from various rumors and opinions. It stinks to see him go if he does indeed go. He's an awesome receiver very much in his prime.

The Titans clearly have some issues STILL at getting pressure on opposing QB's. This feels like it's been a problem for years now.

So how do the Titans replace a very good number two receiver and get some defensive line help?

Well there's two available players on the market that could in fact help the Tennessee Titans!

JuJu Smith-Schuster and J.J. Watt. Powerful J's. LOL.

Star defensive end J.J. Watt is available to sign with another team for the first time since he was drafted out of college in 2011. He is slightly older but he is still very capable and still affects the game greatly. He still draws double teams. He would be a ridiculously epic addition to this team.

Oh yeah and not to mention he would perhaps be re-joining his teammate in Jadeveon (ANOTHER J!!!) Clowney, who is apparently still willing to resign with the Titans.

That is indeed a lot of what-ifs but man it would be epic.

Star WR JuJu Smith-Schuster is entering free agency and the Titans could be a tremendous fit for both parties. Retired star wideout Steve Smith thinks so, and he's a guy with a lot of football knowledge, a respectable dude.

A.J. Brown and JuJu as WR1 and WR2 would be a PROBLEM. Oh wait and lets not forget about DERRICK FRIGGIN' HENRY.

I don't really know how all the finances would work, but a man can dream.

Can the Titans sign the triple J's? What a splendid miracle that would be!

J.J., Juju, and Jadeveon? Triple J's! Let's do it Titans!!!

Not to mention hopefully finding some great talent in the draft to boot!

I'm feeling optimistic and football isn't for MONTHS!