Titans get a much needed win against the Bears.. Dick Stockton needs a new job or to retire. Sports media stupidity really shadows overall media...

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The Titans got a much needed and relatively dominant win against the Bears.

The offense looked a little weak, but had some awesome moments and really came through when they needed to. No turnovers either, which is always great.

The Titans' defense was also extremely good for once. They actually stopped the Bears on third down and it was great to see since they were so bad at doing that lately.

This wasn't a jaw dropping win overall, but the game was completely in control the entire time, and I didn't really feel that nervous at any point in this game.

The Bears suck.

Sports media in general is completely stupid nowadays.

I heard a sports announcer say that this was a 'statement win' for the Titans. How? The Bears suck man. What have they accomplished that would suggest in any way this is a statement win?

You know who else is a complete fool, a complete dummy?

Dick Stockton.

This man clearly does not understand the game of football, this man clearly does not watch football in 2020, or in 2019 for that matter.

Dick Stockton was one of the commentators for this game, and the amount of bias he had toward the Bears, and the complete dismissal of the Titans as being a good team was not only completely and utterly retarded, it was flat out disgusting.

The Titans were just in the AFC Championship Game. The Bears were just 8-8 last year.

There were so many excuses he was making for the Bears and stupid side comments toward the Titans that that he made during the game, that it's pointless to even mention specific examples.

To put it simply the man is bad at his job and should probably get fired.

The way he acted and handled himself is a clear indication at how bad the media in America has gotten.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have straight up become propaganda, communism promoting machines. I don't even know if that sentence made sense, but if you have a brain I think you know what I mean.

Freedom of speech is under attack in this country and it's a damn shame.

If it's this bad in sports imagine how bad CNN, MSNBC and liberal central Twitter has gotten, it's just AMAZING.

I made a Parler account. It's nice that I don't have to forcefed this bull anymore. Bye Twitter.

#Titanup, Colts Thursday in a big game.


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