Titans sadly lose to the Colts on Thursday Night.. Special Teams is a disaster

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This past Thursday I was off work excited to watch the Titans play in a huge divisional game. Only for the Titans to take a fat L.

The Titans competed well in the first half, even went into halftime with a four point lead of 17-13'

Those would and up being the only 17 points the Titans would score. The second half was a disaster in every phase of the game. Offense, defense and special teams.

Special teams in particular was extra deflating.

The Titans had a terrible 17 yard punt, an attempted punt that was blocked by the Colts and returned for a touchdown, and the Titans also missed yet ANOTHER field goal.

Special teams was the main reason for the loss and well, it was just an insanely depressing game to watch.

After being 5-0 and having a nice division lead, the Titans find themselves at 6-3 and second place in the division.

With seven games left I fear yet another 9-7 season or worse.


The schedule doesn't do the Titans any favors going forward either. The Titans play the Ravens and the Colts the next two weeks.

All I can do as a fan is buckle up and cross my fingers.

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