Another Sunday passes with no Titans football thanks to the biggest scam of the century...

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Hello darkness my old friend...

It's been a depressing year and well, it is continuing to be depressing. I could have wrote about this topic earlier and many times but it's really too painful to write about. I know it's just football, but I love football and the Titans so this really sucks.

The Titans have had a Covid breakout within the organization basically for the past two weeks. I have really become numb to it at this point. Nearly every morning there are reports of new cases and it's just horrible. The Titans have had to postpone the Steelers game last week, and while so far the Bills game is still on, that game has already been moved to a TUESDAY because of more cases and it's not a bold statement to say that that game is also at risk of being cancelled or even forfeited. A part of me wonders if the league will pretty much cancel the Titans' season altogether at this point. Nothing would surprise me anymore at this point. If the Titans do end up playing the Bills, I am going to be extra nervous because not only are the Bills a really good team, the Titans have a BUNCH of unavailable Covid infected players, and the Titans have barely been up to practice together whatsoever.

An awesome 3-0 start and now all of this. It's crazy.

I'm also COMPLETELY sick of all the hate the Titans are getting for this outbreak!! It is ridiculous!

Every comment is pure hate towards the Titans. Where does it say that these preventative protocols 100 percent guarantee there won't be an outbreak? I know people criticize the Titans for having some kind of practice at some high school but from what I understand the league actually made that rule on the SAME DAY that the Titans had the practice outside the facility at a high school. There is just a bunch of he-said she-said bullcrap.

If you're still mad at the Titans, get a life bro.

The very fact that society, the government and the league is spazzing over this glorified cold is absolutely ridiculous. So many people and experts say this lockdown crap is a total over reaction.

Are we really supposed to believe these masks work and all this social distancing crap works?

What are the stats on the regular flu and pneumonia in 2020?

This virus is a straight up political power move.

Sleepy Joe Biden claims Trump did a poor job of protecting the American citizens and Sleepy Joe says he would have done better. HOW EXACTLY?!?! The mix of sheer arrogance and stupidity in that statement is truly amazing and if you can't understand why that is stupid and arrogant than I'm sorry, you're lost.

Anyway, this Covid crap is stupid and I really hope we as a society wake up and start ignoring these communist rules disguised as a virus precaution.

I hope that when the Titans play again they start SMASHING teams. It would be hilarious to go 19-0 this season, just to make more people mad. I know that's bold and everything but that would be hilarious. Just having a great season and winning it all would be amazing enough but imagine, just imagine of the Titans straight up dominated, I would be so happy to destroy this Covid narrative in a weird non-political sport way. The titans winning it all and dominating wouldn't prove Covid is fake, but it just would be hilarious to watch all the angry people just get more angry that the Titans are great.

GO TITANS!!!!! Screw the haters. They are sheep mad at the wrong people. They should be mad at the government and the libtards abd any other government sheep.