Steve McNair and Eddie George deserve spots in the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

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Several Titans are up for possible entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The two I want to see in Canton the most are Steve McNair and Eddie George. Of course I want all nominated Titans to get in, but I definitely have a special place in my heart for these two legends.

QB Steve McNair and RB Eddie George are one of the greatest, most memorable QB-RB duos in the history of the NFL. They are Titans legends. Steve's No. 9 and Eddie's No. 27 are both retired numbers for the franchise.

The impact these men left in the NFL will never be forgotten. They were truly gritty and unafraid in every game they played. They were winners, and nearly champions. For a few years they were the main reasons the Titans were dominant. I can't think of a RB-QB duo that had such a unique skill-set. Basically, imagine if Cam Newton and Derrick Henry were in their prime together on the same team. That's the closest comparison I can imagine. Eddie AND Steve could run right through you, and often did. Of course Steve was a very good passer as well.

Their stats speak for themselves. But besides their great stats, they also were extremely fun to watch on the field. It was seriously art on the field when they were in their prime.

I remember vividly pretending to be both Steve and Eddie while playing backyard football with the neighborhood kids. Those are memories I will always cherish and remember fondly.

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So what stats and accolades do I speak of exactly?

Steve McNair's Career Stats

  • 31,304 Passing Yards
  • 3,590 Rushing Yards
  • 211 Total Touchdowns (174 Passing, 37 Rushing)
  • NFL MVP in 2003
  • 1x AFC Champion
  • 3x Pro Bowler
  • 1x Second-Team All-Pro
  • 91-62 Record as a starting quarterback
  • Played in a memorable Super Bowl in 2000
  • NFL Passer Rating Leader in 2003
  • Tennessee Titans Legend

Eddie George's Career Stats

  • 10,441 Rushing Yards (28th All-Time in NFL History)
  • 2,227 Receiving Yards
  • 12,668 Yards From Scrimmage
  • 268 Receptions
  • 78 Total Touchdowns (68 Rushing, 10 Receiving)
  • 4x Pro Bowler
  • 2x All-Pro (1x First Team, 1x Second Team)
  • NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year
  • 1x AFC Champion
  • Played in a memorable Super Bowl in 2000
  • Tennessee Titans Legend

These guys both had amazing careers and had exciting, memorable styles of play!! These guys are no-brainer Hall of Famers in my book! Voters should easily put them into Canton!!

R.I.P. Steve McNair.

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I had an amazing time watching them play as a kid. They were part of the reason I fell in love with football. HOF worthy for sure!

That's amazing to hear you remember how good and fun these two were!! It's cool to hear you think they're HOF worthy too :)

Amazing post

Thanks a lot!!

Steve McNair, yes. Eddie George, no.

Steve was exceptional but Eddie was mediocre at best. He achieved nothing more than the average running back outside a longer career than most-but not by much.

We shall agree to disagree.

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