The Titans select Isaiah Wilson, Right Tackle from Georgia in Round One of the NFL Draft!

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Isaiah Wilson



Just to get it out of the way, here are some slight critiques I have been hearing about Isaiah Wilson. The consistent negatives I hear are that he is still a little raw and inconsistent and maybe he is more of a second round talent than a first. I have heard his pass blocking needs a bit of work.

I was thinking the Titans might select a cornerback with their first round draft pick, but instead they selected an offensive lineman and I am all for it! While the Titans likely may need a cornerback, they also needed some more juice on the offensive line. The Titans lost some talent on the o-line in the off-season and the line is getting slightly older, not that old but it is definitely best to keep that offensive line vibrant BEFORE it is too late.

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been known to get injured, so any help is great. Also, as a Titans fan I know that running back Derrick Henry needs solid men on the line in front of him so Derrick can start to get to top speed. From what I understand Wilson is good with run blocking.

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But there's so much to like!

First of all, I really appreciate and like the fact that the Titans prioritize fortifying that offensive line. The o-line is so important!! That can't be said enough!

To start, Wilson is freaking massive he is listed at 6'6 and weighs 350 pounds. The Titans tend to play old school for the most part. They like strong football players just as much as speed. Wilson seems to enjoy getting nasty and physical. Classic football player in general, which is a good thing! Football is a physical sport!

Wilson is powerful and strong. He has awesome long arms to go along with his tremendous size. Despite being so big, his body is proportioned very well. He is very athletic and moves smoothly. In high school he was known to play quarterback and/or run the wildcat on goal line or short yard situations. He knows how to move those big feet!

From watching Derrick Henry for a number of seasons, it is clear to me Henry benefits a lot from huge offensive lineman. I'm not saying that is a hot take, but I just don't think Henry's game would have the same chance at succeeding with average or smaller sized offensive lineman. I'm not sure why. He seems to be able to find the hole better with bigger dudes around. Maybe this a stupid point but that is just what my gut tells me.

From watching a couple of interviews, Wilson's character checks out well! He seems like a smart, likeable, fun and positive guy. He seems motivated too. He really just seems to be a chill guy, at least just from a couple of five minute interviews. He says Vrabel and himself really hit it off during their interview together, which is awesome!

When it comes to Wilson's rawness, I don't mind it! When I say the Titans are old school I mean it in other ways too. Mike Vrabel and his staff seem to enjoy and take pride in developing players. I suppose that is the New England influence. You can't have 22 first round draft picks starting for a football team. Many many reasons for that, some obvious reasons, some not so obvious. So I really believe and am excited to see how the Titans bring him a long and coach him up. With so much raw potential I expect the Titans will work with him well!

With the Titans re-signing Dennis Kelly at right tackle and also signing former Falcon swing tackle Ty Sambrailo, adding Wilson to the mix is fantastic. I hope the Titans can sort through those beasts and create a great o-line roster. GM Jon Robinson has already said Wilson will likely compete to start with Dennis Kelly.

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To summarize Wilson's positives!!

  • Tremendous size, 6'6, 350 pounds
  • Strong and athletic
  • Good run-blocker
  • Seems smart and coachable
  • Classic football traits, loves being physical and nasty
  • Loves the game
  • Played in the SEC in college

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What do you think of the Titans selection yesterday? Who did your team pick and are you happy with the selection?

Hive on!!


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