Titans at Broncos MNF Preview/Thoughts!! Titanup Let's go!

So pumped to watch the Titans play!! At 0-0 every team has high hopes!! Woooo!!


Hive on everyone!!


I would like to apologize on behalf of my alma mater for Corey Davis not being better so far, sorry titans fans...

Hahaha it's all good he's not elite so far but he's solid! He's also a great run blocker! No problems here from this Titans fan! Lol Corey and A.J. Brown can be a good tandem.

Thanks for the reminder! I'm not back in the football rhythm yet!

No problem! Glad to remind ya!

Feels like Christmas came early with football season! I was so nervous it would be cancelled!

I agree! I'm in Wisconsin and yesterday was a great day for Packer fans! A good start to the season! 🏈💚💛

My grandfather is a Packers fan too! Hopefully my Titans can get a win tonight. Close and stressful game so far. At the end of the day I'm happy to be watching my team play. I'm grateful!

They won! 🎉🏈🎉

Yes! I'm thrilled!! :)

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