Titans QB Ryan Tannehill ranked #68 in the NFL's Top 100 Player rankings

in hive-134564 •  11 days ago 

Man I actually appreciate some of the decent attention the league is giving Ryan Tannehill. He played really well for us last season. He has got a rocket for an arm and he'a very solid athlete. He was a super well rounded QB for the team last year.

Since the team had an awesome running game and good defense, the team as a whole really shined when Tannehill became the starter.

He's got a solid start to becoming one of my favorite Titans quarterbacks ever. I've got a card coming in the mail as we speak.

Hopefully he can continue the success he started last year for the next four years since that's how long the Titans re-signed him for in the off-season.

I certainly feel like he's a pretty well kept secret in the league. The Titans' GM and company seem to be able to gather and develop good talent in recent years so I have got pretty high hopes this team will be very successful for the next couple years.


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