Titans RB Derrick Henry ranked #10 in the NFL's Top 100 Player rankings

in hive-134564 •  5 days ago 

Man, I need me a solid Derrick Henry card one of these days. I know a got a couple here and there but I need to check again to be completely sure.

Derrick Henry is the best pure running back in the NFL today. The fact that running backs are absolutely disrespected nowadays is ridiculous.

Trends come back around like they say and all this hella pass heavy style of football will see a decline one of these days. I can already see it happening. The NFL is getting soft and so when the Titans have an absolute beast of a man, these little so called 'speedy' guys literally don't know how to cope.

Speed kills they say. But what about Derrick Henry's strength speed and stiff arms?

Nobody wants to be well rounded. Everyone wants speed and speed only. What happens when your speedy gets leveled?

People forget football is a contact sport. Sorry.

I love smashmouth football. Football, especially professional high level football, is an intense contact and combat sport. People who want to criticize the physicality are just silly.

Anyway, while I obviously would have placed him higher than 10, 10 is till a fantastic place to be. It's amazing to see a Titan ranked so high!!


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