Titans select Appalachian State RB Darrynton Evans in the Third Round of the 2020 NFL Draft

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With the ninety-third pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Titans answered my wishes and pick a running back!! I love running backs!!



I know I sound crazy because the Titans have a great running back in Derrick Henry. Don't get me wrong Derrick is one of my favorite players ever!! But I don't like this pick because I want Darrynton Evans to replace Derrick Henry. I like it because the Titans absolutely needed a better option when it came to the RB2 position!! Former backup/change of pace back Dion Lewis was simply not producing enough. I hate to sound rude to pro athletes, but I really feel that way.

As amazing as Derrick Henry is, occasionally the man needs help too. In certain third down situations, Derrick isn't always the most ideal option. It's simply not his strength to be able to catch screens or dump-offs and consistently make first downs on third and five. Derrick needs to gather momentum a bit, he is fast but not exactly zero to sixty, ya know?

With only Derrick and practically zero other decent second option at running back, the team can become a bit predictable on offense. It was definitely evident at times last year.

With a set of youthful and explosive legs like Darrynton Evans owns, I think it can really give this offense a breath of fresh air!

Running back Darrynton Evans is 5'11 and weighs a little over two-hundred pounds. A very nice size. The guy is fast on tape and he showed it at the combine when he ran a 4.41 40 yard dash.

Evans is very much a speedster/elusive type of back, but doesn't seem overly afraid of contact either. He looks like a natural runner. He seems ok at catching and blocking from what I gather. He has valuable special teams experience also, having returned fifty-six kicks in his career, taking three for scores. Overall his tape is solid, nothing like super extraordinary but nothing to complain about.

He just seems like a solid running back who could hopefully fit perfectly in a role as the second running back. Plug in Evans for an extra thing for the defense to think about! He isn't overly flashy, but he's good enough in all areas, that I believe he could potentially thrive in that second running back role.

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So here are just some quick positive bits about Evans to summarize!

  • Fast and elusive
  • Natural, smooth looking runner
  • Great fit for team
  • Significant upgrade from last season
  • Capable of carrying it three downs if need be
  • Productive college career
  • Valuable special teams experience

Glad you are a Titan Darrynton!

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How is your favorite team doing in this draft? Hive on!


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