Titans select NC State DT Larrell Murchison in the Fifth Round of the 2020 NFL Draft

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With the one-hundred seventy-fourth pick in the NFL Draft the Titans selected Larrell Murchison a high effort and high motor defensive tackle out of NC State. From a Titans perspective, he physically sorta looks like a mix between former long-time Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey and current Titans defensive tackle DaQuan Jones.



Of course all tape on college football players looks good. Some tape definitely looks better than others and every player does kinda have a unique style if you are a nerd and care to look for it.

Like I said, physically this guy looks like Jurrell and DaQuan. Hopefully he can bring similar production on the field as those guys, or better would be nice. Better is always preferred of course.

When I watched some videos on Larrell Murchison he seemed to have a good mixture of athleticism, strength, speed, and I guess I would say lastly, hand speed. He basically seems like a solid football player up front defensively, with solid hand speed and skills. He also seems nasty and rough and tough at times. I say at times because he can also show a surprising finesse style to his game when he needs or wants to. He can be patient which leads to some nice tackles for loss on QB options and fumble recoveries in general. He has decent awareness and instincts. I don't think this guy will be a total bust simply by his effort that was evident on tape!

Overall this guy seems like a solid young piece to add to the Titans defensive line rotation. The Titans definitely need some quality depth and I think the got a nice player in the fifth round!

Some quick notes/positive things I noticed:

  • He measures in at 6' 2" and weighs 297 lbs
  • Good overall athlete (good mix of speed, strength and quickness)
  • Solid hand speed
  • Aggressive and nasty
  • Shows patience and finesse
  • Good instincts
  • Good awareness
  • High motor and effort

I hope the guy is a hall of famer one day, but overall I think at least he will definitely be helpful to the Tennessee Titans next season and and hopefully many more.

Welcome to the team Larrell! Titanup!

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