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RE: My (shooting) partner

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Nice write-up, slowly luring me in to want to have a go :)

I think I'd prefer the long-range stuff - Maybe one day, when we are all crypto kings, you can give me some lessons.


When we're crypto-kings Lol.

I love taking people shooting. You know, I have never taken someone who hasn't wanted to do it again. I'm good at teaching people too, not just the shooting but the other stuff like safety, correct handling etc.

Long range is so cool...It's a science really, and for a figures guy like you it offers a lot, not just the shooting.

One day mate, we'll all go.

It does look addictive and something which you'd want to try and improve on.

One thing, I'm a kak-hander. Could be trickier to train?

I bloody knew it! Lol.

Nah, all good...You can trigger with the left. You'll just work the bolt with your right, as it's a right handed gun. You'd have to dial windage adjustment into the scope with your right too. It's not too much of a problem on a rifle. For you I'll work around it. I'll have you out to 1000m within an hour. The science will take much longer. Almost 30 years and I'm still learning.

It's hard for us lefties you know! So much stuff is geared for right-handed people. I play most 2 handed sports right-handed, so I guess as I'm totally new I could learn right-handed with the guns that I don't need to hold.

Someone should open a shop for lefties. You know, left handed paint brushes, cups, screw drivers, knives and forks...😂

Seriously though, they should.

Ok, seriously...It won't make a difference with shooting. Most handguns can be made left or right and working a bolt on a rifle with the left isn't an issue.

In the practical comps I shoot, handgun and rifle, they make us shoot with our weak hand which simulates getting shot in the strong hand, arm, shoulder etc. I can shoot with both.

You'll be fine.

I wasn't told until I was a teen that there were left-handed scissors - fucking fuming I was! All those years of craft where I couldn't cut a straight line to save my life!

I've been beefing up my shoulders, not on purpose, with all this exercise - hopefully with the right coaching they should stand up to the test.

You know they make different shoes for left and right feet yes? Just making sure someone told you. Lol.

I haven't been able to do any weights for a while, I've got some pain thing going on with my left shoulder. Like a dead arm pain in my left outer bicep area when I life my arm up. Like a rotator cuff issue. It's bloody painful. Anyway, has stopped me from doing much and the flu-thing stopped my treatment. I'll get back to it though.

You know they make different shoes for left and right feet yes? Just making sure someone told you. Lol.