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RE: Repetetive reclusiveness

in The Pew7 months ago

I'm usually more comfortable hanging at home as well, rather than always socializing, so I am thankfully not suffering too much right now.

That is some pretty fast draw and target acquisition! I'd like to do some competition some day.


I know people that are so uncomfortable with their own company and are constantly surrounding themselves with other people...It's not bad or wrong, just not how we are. I think it says a lot about a person when they can spend time with themselves, away from others and feel contentment.

The draw is ok...Considering who I shoot against it's actually pretty slow. One of my mates (shoots at *Master Grade) does it in under a second. Little punk. (He's 15 years old) Lol. Keeping in mind he shoots Open division so his first shot is single action and I shoot Production so have to rack the gun then drop the hammer meaning my first shot is always double action.

I'm more interested in gripping the gun correctly and getting it out cleanly. Getting that first accurate shot away 0.20 seconds quicker won't mean much if my grip is wrong.