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RE: Doing it in odd positions

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Basically sprint, get into an uncomfortable yoga position, shoot, sprint and repeat. Looks like fun to me. I would need to get into shape!


That's actually a legit way of putting it. They stress us with running, carrying, moving etc. One time they had a rowing machine that we had to row on, carry some 30kg kettle bells a distance then get behind the gun. Take one shot go back to the rower etc. Was hard. They try to recreate stressed situations and have us problem-solve around them.

I actually am one of a small group who runs a .22LR version of the same thing. We get some 100 people at our shoots and run them all over the place. I've written about that before. Might do another one sometime.

Awesome, man! I have missed a lot by not following you more closely for the last couple of years. I'd love to read about it. I'd also love to go to Australia and join you on one of those 100 people shoots, but I don't see that happening any time in the near future. :)

Yeah we have our borders locked down to anyone who is not Australian...I wonder if anyone has tried to fool the border patrol with a dodgy accent. I'll do a post on the rimfire competition sometime. It's pretty cool as we ad IPSC (comstock) scoring to it rather than just timed stages. It makes speed and accuracy equally important.

I would never try the dodgy accent thing. It just seems wrong all-around, but it would make a great video to watch, I guess! There's probably one out there somewhere.

We love it when people attempt the Aussie accent...It's so funny...Especially when Americans do it. I reckon it'd be great to do a video post asking people to do their own video reading a pre-written script in an Aussie accent! If I thought people would jump on board I'd do it. I did a couple videos here in which I spoke. Not many though as I don't like being in front of the camera.

Oh, that's good to know. It would be hilarious to watch people attempting it.