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I do boring and tedious from time to time. I used to check shotgun shell carcasses. I didn't shoot Winchesters much because I always felt the Remingtons had 3 or 4 more loads per case. The theory in trap shooting is a little different. You want to get to the bird at the right speed, but just. When you put 500 rounds through a day the less you can make it hit your shoulder the better you like it.

I do boring and tedious on my motorcycles. I visually check the brakes and tires every time I get on. It's just a habit now. But I can ride without excessive worry. Not that I haven't come home on a couple of rear tires that were entirely used up, if there is any doubt about the front I change. Another boring and tedious process that I do with a friend, and our tires are mounted and balanced to a lot tighter tolerances than any shop. It's fiddly, but so good down the road. I check and pack wheel bearings every time they are off.

I can't make motorcycle riding completely safe, but I can make my motorcycle safe.


I used to do pre-ride checks each time I got on my bikes too. It's not there was much I could do if I found something wrong I guess, but it might have prevented me from getting on. Also, modern sports bikes are all faring so, seeing stuff isn't the easiest either. Still, I'm a fairly diligent guy and so I did it.

Also, firing a shotgun 500 times in a day would tickle a bit. Lol.


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