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RE: Hobby friendships

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Oh I think it shows a lack of deep understanding to judge a person just because they own a gun. After I have read your posts, owning a gun is not a walk in the park, there are so many technical skills implied. I find it fascinating actually and very complicated.

I have found lovely people through my job. Being a hairdresser I connect with so many people. I have found clients and turned them into friends. We talk about books, space, philosophy while I do hair. I am not your typical hairdresser that's for sure. I think we attract people similar to us, with the same passion and drive for life. I always love a good life story, I like to listen to people when they tell me things.


Hairdressers are captive audiences for their clients and these days people tend to share much about their lives and so it's unsurprising that people chat with you a lot I guess. Obviously you also show you are open to the conversation.ibrhink being able to discourse on many topics is a strength, fortunately one I have too.

Yes, people do open up a lot. It takes a lot of experience to know what to select which could actually be useful. From every person there is something to learn